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The Lurker FAQ

If there's anything you want to know about the Lurker, check out this FAQs to get your answers! If the question isn't answered within this FAQ, then feel free to post your question in the comments!

The Lurker - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are you, and who does what for the Lurker?
The Lurkers are a collaboration of many, many people and many people have been involved through out the years. However, there are a few regulars that headline the production. They are:
  • Jacky Gilbertson
    That would be me. I am one of the co-creators, and I do most of the camera work, editing, planning and web services (running the livejournal, making graphics, etc).

  • Kathryn Shannon
    Kathryn is the other co-creator and plays the title character in every movie. It's a rule that no one else will ever play the Lurker except her, ever. That's just how it goes.

  • Ellen Dobrowolski
    Ellen is the Lurker's #1 fan backdoor-lover and has acted in most of the Lurkers. She has a recurring character role as the "Hoar". She is also active in planning and organizing the next films.

Q. Where did the idea of the Lurker come from? Where did the series originate?
We came up with the idea of the Lurker a few days after Christmas 2003. At the time, in highschool, I (Jacky) was enrolled in a specialized course called Media Arts & Productions, which was all about video editing. I was extremely interested in the course and I had really gotten into the idea of making movies as a hobby.

For Christmas I had gotten a digital camera (with video & sound capabilities). I went over to Kathryn's house to hang out after the festivities had died down and we were just chilling and playing with my camera and I was eager to make something with it. I came up with the idea of making a cheesy horror movie because a) my camera wasn't the best of quality b) it's easy to do and doesn't require skill of acting or effects.

I convinced Kathryn and we started to plan a little. I decided Kathryn would be the killer because I would be working the camera. We gave Kathryn the mask, which was left over from a dance routine, because she didn't want her face on screen and to prevent her from bursting into laughter or making awkward faces at inappropriate times. We came up with a simple story line and went on our way.

After we shot it, I threw it together in Windows Movie Maker and voila! The Lurker was born!

Q. Why did you call the killer "The Lurker"?
Well, when we were creating the first installment, we had been reading the Georgia Nicholson series of books and we had gotten attached to some of the lingo from them. One of our favorites was the term lurker, a term for a zit that hasn't quite formed on your skin but you know is lurking under the surface. We thought it was funny, so we named our killer after that.

Q. How many Lurkers have you made?
If you count all the ones that never got edited and those that will never make an appearance on the internet for various reasons -- eight, so far. And we're always willing to make more!

Q. Why does the Lurker dance so much?
Well, it's not really all dancing. Half the time it's dancing, half the time it's Kathryn having seizures or just being a creep. When she puts on the mask, she is prone to doing some hilarious things that we tend to get on film, so we put them in the movie. The Lurker is supposed to be weird.

Q. Why doesn't the Lurker talk?
I'm not going to go into depth about this, but I can sum it up in two words: "Dead body."

Q. What IS the Lurker? Is it an alien or something?
We don't know what the Lurker is, so we'll leave that conclusion up to you.

At first, sure, it (emphasis on it, it has no gender) started out as a human, but through out the films, we got sillier and sillier and the Lurker got more and more bizarre. If you think THIS is bad, wait till we make more...

Q. Why is Ellen/Ima in every movie? Didn't she DIE already?
Well, though it hasn't been formally explained, Ellen actually plays a different sister in each installment. The sisters are of the "Hoar" family, and they represent the cliched ditzy, slutty, scantily-clad character that is a staple in many horror movies.

Q. What the HELL is going on in these movies? It's so weird!
We make a lot of weird references to things we find amusing... anything from signature behaviour of specific serial killers to Disney movies. We reference a lot of things that have nothing to do with the horror genre or relate to anything else in the movie. It can get pretty random, but that just makes the movies more AWESOME.

Q. What do you use to make the Lurker?
It hasn't been one specific set up through out the series. Usually we just use my Sony Cybershot 3.2MP digital camera and Windows Movie Maker because that's all we have. But there have been a few Lurkers that have been shot with higher quality equipment -- like The Lurker V was a final project for my film class so I got to use the $6000 camera from school and Final Cut Pro.

Now that I have a Mac however, (and I'm going to be soon getting my hands on a new camera that is MADE for shooting videos) the set up will probably change.

Q. When are you making the next Lurker/Can I be involved?
If you know us in person, the answer is probably yes! Just contact me, Ellen or Kathryn. If you actually know us, you will know how to get ahold of us. We're always looking for new ideas and help!

Things to keep in mind if you want to participate:
  • Lots of people want to die at the hands of the Lurker, but we can only do a few at a time because of time constraints and schedules (seriously, have you tried scheduling a shoot? It's hard!). Plus, if we killed too many people off in one episode, it'd just drag on.

    Just keep that in mind that if we can't fit you into the current project, it's nothing personal and there's always next time!

  • The Lurker only kills girls. So if you're a guy and you're looking to get knocked off, prepare to dress in DRAG! No exceptions, unless we've got a special situation lined up (ex. The Sea Monster).

I think that's it for questions we get asked regularly. If you want to know anything else, like I said, feel free to post questions in the comments of this post!


Oct. 31st, 2006 07:50 am (UTC)
I love how I have never not once ever had anything to do with the lurkers, yet I get to be a part of this community. Friends in high places, baby. It also helps that I have hooked up/dated the creators.

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