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Tomorrow we are filming. Whether you like it or not! If I have contacted you about involvement with the Lurker, arrive around 1pm at my (Jacky's) house for sortings of outs and so forth. :)

Also please bring, if you can:
- santa hats
- white and black face paint
- the angry skull mask (Taty/Ellen)
- video equipment
- good cheer


Lurker VI - What's the Plan, Stan?

So Ellen wants to film the sixth Lurker during Winter Vacation. I am down with this plan, as I believe Kathryn is as well, so what do you thiiink? Who's willing to participate/die for our lurking cause?

Comment or contact one of us (Ellen, Kathryn or me) to volunteer in the movie. Even if you don't want to be IN it, it will be nice of you to show up and hang out. Girl or guys-willing-to-dress-in-drag-only pleeeease.

Fresh blood is welcome! And no, I don't mean for you to donate your blood, I use corn syrup for that. :)

Hey everyone!

Hi guys! Ever since the old Lurker hompage went down I've been searching for a more convient and easier solution to maintianing some for of community site revolving around everyone's favorite serial murderer.

I decided that a Livejournal community was perfect, especially since many of us involved already have livejournals, and even tend to be obsessively involved with them.

So, allow me to welcome you to the new home of the The Lurker!

The Lurker

Welcome! If you are here, you should know why. This is the headquarters for the horror/comedy movie project The Lurker. Here you will find news, pictures, project updates and other random gossip. Join us and enjoy the fun!
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