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Good News! - Lurker VIII

We just kicked it like Tae-Bo and it is DONE like the turkey dinners we have gorged ourselves on. Yes, that's right, the 8th Lurker is finished, and ready for your viewing pleasure!

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We've also done commentary for several of the Lurker movies to be released on the SPECIAL EDITION Lurker DVD Volume 1! We may upload select videos to YouTube soon, so keep your eyes on the community!

ps. From Ellen: I pooped on Jacky's chest.

pps. She liked it.

The Lurker V in Horse Show

Hi everyone. Update time!

I've gotten the opportunity to show the Lurker V in a art show next March. What do you think about that? I think it'd be great to show the Lurker to other people beyond our friend group.

General Updates

People have been asking me lots of questions of what is going on with the Lurker and when/if a new one is in progress, coming out, or going to be made the next time we are in town (Christmas). SO! To quench your thirst for more Lurker, I'm here to provide some general information on where it's all going.

Truth be told, there are TWO Lurkers being made as we speak! The first one just needs to be edited, but we are having troubles getting that done because we need to "finalize" the mini-DVD that it was shot on... basically, I can't do that until I get my hands on the video camera that shot it. Which may be soon. But don't expect it by Christmas.

The second one is still in the process of being filmed. We just need some parts with Kathryn in them, and then we can edit that one too.

So basically, there are two Lurkers already in the mix and I don't know if we're going to film another one this Christmas. I'll probably just finish editing the other two and leave it at that. Besides, shooting movies in the winter sucks because it is cold and too much effort to go outside.

The Lurker FAQ

If there's anything you want to know about the Lurker, check out this FAQs to get your answers! If the question isn't answered within this FAQ, then feel free to post your question in the comments!

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The Lurker V is now online!

Is it... really?

Can it finally be so...?

After so long... the Lurker V is finally easily accessible and NOT 600 FUCKING MEGABYTES!

I resized it (via programs on my spankin' new MacBook) and uploaded it to YouTube! You can find it (and watch it) right here!


The Lurker

Welcome! If you are here, you should know why. This is the headquarters for the horror/comedy movie project The Lurker. Here you will find news, pictures, project updates and other random gossip. Join us and enjoy the fun!
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